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Getting Well - Staying Well

At Dunne Chiropractic Center we believe that an accurate diagnosis is the key to finding the best treatment for your pain. That's why we insist on having the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available including x-rays right in our office. We'll never give you the kind of assembly-line care where you're treated and sent on your way. The quality of staff Dr. Dunne selects to work with him assures you the utmost care. Your treatment plan always includes three goals:

  • GOAL #1: Fast Pain Relief: When you're in pain, it's all you can think about. So that's what we take care of first. Our methods are proven to relieve pain fast
  • GOAL #2: Correction of the Problem: By gently realigning the vertebrae back to their normal position along the spine, we are able to bring about not only an end to your pain, but a correction of the original problem that caused the pain.
  • GOAL #3: Keeping the Pain Away: Once your pain is relieved, we'll work with you to make sure it doesn't come back. The best way we know how is through regular checkups. Gentle adjustments keep your spine in alignment and prevent small problems from turning into larger, disabling ones

Effective Treatment

Depending on your injury, there are all kinds of effective treatments we can offer.

  • Hot and cold packs can help relax muscles and reduce swelling, easing joints and ligaments back into proper position
  • Lumbar and cervical traction can provide quick relief to back and neck pain-without the hassle or cost of a hospital
  • We use the special healing benefits of physiotherapy
  • Soothing ultrasound, fast acting intersegmental traction, effective electronic muscle stimulation
  • Gentle spinal adjustments help realign vertebrae, relieving pain and muscle tightness.

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